Learn to Swim Programme

Babies and Toddlers

The following classes require an adult to swim with each child.

  • Waterbabies - 6 months to 1 year old. Introduction to aquatic environment for parent and baby where skills are learnt through repetition of fun games and songs. conditioning for submerging baby is taught.
  • Baby Advance - 1 year to 2 years old. Water exploration and submerging after successful conditioning is encouraged in this class and continued learning through fun games and songs.
  • Toddler - 2 years to 3 years. Building confidence and more independence in deep and shallow water while preparing for pre-school levels without an adult.

 Pre-School Levels

These classes are for children 3 years to 5 years old and do not require a parent in the pool.

  • Pre - School 1 - Beginner class to build water confidence and basic water safety.
  • Pre - School 2 - Confident swimmers working on fundamental skills, introduction to stroke development for Freestyle using correct head and body positions and basic water safety.
  • Pre - School 3 - Stroke development of all strokes, including teaching correct breathing techniques, swimming in both shallow and deep water. Extending water safety skills and self rescue techniques.
  • Pre - School 4 - Stroke refinement for all core strokes including correct breathing and kicking techniques and preparation for school age lessons.

 School  Age Levels

  • Learner - Building confidence while learning fundamental skills and water safety in both shallow and deep water
  • Stroke Development - Working on developing all four core strokes, including teaching correct breathing techniques in deep water and extending water safety skills. 
  • Junior Breather - Extending the four core strokes over 10-15 meters focusing on bi-lateral breathing, body rotation for backstroke, refining breaststroke kick and butterfly arms
  • Intermediate Breather - Consolidation of the skills learnt at Junior Breather and working on stamina, strength and efficiency of all strokes to extend out to 50 metres. Full stroke for all strokes should come together at this level demonstrating correct timing and rhythm
  • Advanced Breather - Further stamina and strength is built at this level so students can extend out to 150-200 metres for freestyle and 100m for backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. technical aspects of the stroke itself is continuously worked on to improve overall strokes.
  • Mini-Squad - This class is designed to master all stokes learnt in previous levels and to introduce students to racing starts and turns as a prelude for any students wanting to continue onto squad level swimming


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